Batchbook’s Clear Choice is Pipeline CRM

When one door closes another opens. That’s why we’re standing by our CRM friends at Batchbook.

Sunsetting Batchbook and New Horizons

Closing such a chapter isn’t easy, as CEO and friend Pam O’Hara spoke to so eloquently in her company blog post yesterday:

“While it is hard saying goodbye to so many Batchbook CRM clients who have also become friends, we are happy that we have found a great partner in Pipeline CRM who will be working with our customers to keep their businesses running smoothly.

When we launched Batchbook, we shared a goal “to build a product that will help fellow entrepreneurs realize their own dreams.” Our hearts fill with pride as we reflect on all of the customer relationships that Batchbook has been a part of over these past 10 years.”


Pam O’Hara, CEO of Batchbook

Both CRM customer teams collaborate to offer a secure, smooth, and automated transition for Batchbook accounts

Best Option for Batchbook Customers

In this collaboration, we have seen firsthand how Batchbook has gone above and beyond to make sure that their customers are taken care of as they sunset their product.


If you’re a Batchbook customer, there’s a clear choice. We are confident we’ll meet your qualifications for a new CRM moving forward. Just head to our special Batchbook-PipelineDeals page, if you haven’t already, to get started with more information.

  • Seamless, automated migration
  • Safe and secure data transfer
  • Free, U.S.-based customer support
  • We honor Batchbook’s advertised pricing
Includes one month on us! And the process pretty much boils down to four steps:
  1. Schedule a day to import your data.
  2. Your CRM data will be automated into Pipeline CRM.
  3. Receive your admin credentials. Credit card required. Batchbook’s pricing will be honored for the first year.
  4. Focus on running your business.

The Stress Free On-Ramp to a New CRM

We’ve worked with them to provide a clear off-ramp from Batchbook’s CRM software and a worry free, seamless on-ramp to our own software. You can say that Batchbook and PipelineDeals have joined forces to “automagically” help customers easily and securely migrate CRM data.

The Stress Free On-Ramp to a New CRM

In the end, we believe in what Batchbook believes in — the power of game changing relationships. That’s what makes this kind of teamwork possible in this industry.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to pick up the torch from them and carry it forward with Batchbook’s customers.


*For more about about the collaboration between Batchbook and Pipeline CRM click on the press release: Batchbook Selects Pipeline CRM to Migrate CRM Customers


*If you’re a Batchbook customers, on-ramp today and lock in advertised pricing with Batchbook for a year. It’s as simple as visiting our special Batchbook-Pipeline CRM page.

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