Performance Pulse

See Your Pipeline From Every Angle with Performance Pulse

Performance Pulse
Your sales data can show you big wins, bottlenecks, coaching opportunities, and improvements. To find these insights, you need to be able to quickly look at your organization from multiple levels and assess performance towards your goals.
Performance pulse gives you the ability to dive deep into your pipeline(s) with configurable visuals so you can access data relevant to your business. At any time during your sales cycle, you can check the health of your pipeline and track Performance Lanes across multiple territories, teams, or even individuals toward your Performance Pulse Goals.
When segmentation and organizational complexities conceal the best path forward, it’s critical to have relevant, up-to-date information handy. A manager might want to know who on their team needs coaching and how to best direct their efforts. They can use Performance Pulse to view each individuals’ contributions by lane, and see where and how to drive improvement.

What Can Performance Pulse answer at a glance?

Who on my team is or is not on track to meet their target?

• What is or isn’t selling?

• How well are my different business lines performing in each of our territories?

• Are we on track to fulfill all current contracts and where should I focus?

With any of your important business questions, Performance Pulse can inform your path forward. Even the most complex business structures can easily access insights otherwise buried in layers of data. With powerful goal tracking and configurable visuals, you can start seeing your Performance Pulse from every angle.

To start using Performance Pulse, visit the knowledge center or call us at +1 (866)-702-7303 and we’ll help you get set up.


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