PaintScout Integration with Pipeline CRM

UpLead integration

Streamline your estimate-building process by keeping your leads and deal stages automatically updated.

paintscout sync with pipeline crm
PaintScount Sync With Pipeline CRM

Streamline the estimate-building process

Pipeline CRM integration with PaintScout. A perfect solution for painting contractors. This integration allows you to keep leads and deals stages automatically updated, saving you time and streamlining your painting estimation process. Seamlessly add all your Pipeline contacts to your PaintScout estimates so contracts are easy to create and finalize.


Pipeline is a CRM for your sales team that offers easy setup and intuitive tools that help painting teams close deals faster. With Pipeline, your sales team can easily track leads, organize workflow, and manage your customer base.


Real-time Sync

When you send the estimate in PaintScout, it attaches a PDF of the estimate to the contact right inside Pipeline. It also updates the Activity section with the email you sent to the customer.

Leads and Deals Stay Current

Data is sent back to Pipeline once an estimate is sent or accepted, ensuring your leads stay current. Deal stages can be automatically updated according to the status in PaintScout!

Highly Customizable CRM

Perfectly capture your unique sales process by customizing deal stages. You can add more sales pipelines to track multiple services, like interior and exterior staining or pressure washing.