Kixie Integration with Pipeline CRM


Make more effective sales calls, faster. The Kixie CRM integration with Pipeline can reinvigorate your team’s productivity. Call from anywhere on any device, with no need to change processes, fewer dropped calls, easy transfers, and find-me follow-me missed lead recovery.
Improve workflow and boost sales with HD quality high-fidelity voice, screen pops of vital CRM data, 2-way integration, and lifetime call logging.


Seamless, Integrated, Powerful Voice to Close More Sales

Make more calls

Start making more productive sales calls more often with Kixie’s “powercall” features. Display familiar local area codes to greatly increase your lead connect rates. Make significantly more phone calls with “powerlist” dialing, and leave engaging messages with one-click voicemail drop.

Enhance your sales processes

Supercharge your sales calls with with 1-click call dispositions and customizable call outcomes. Improve your workflow with CRM-enhanced caller ID and bi-directional CRM integration. Capture powerful sales statistics, such as connect and conversion rates.

Manage with powerful call-tracking

Coach your reps to be seasoned veterans with Kixie’s sophisticated call coaching. Evaluate your sales metrics with Kixie’s advanced dashboard and call reporting insights. Record and review each sales call stored inside your CRM. Make those calls count.