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How StockPKG tracks and maximizes recurring business with Pipeline CRM

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Flexible and Cost-Effective CRM

Before Pipeline CRM, StockPKG was managing deals and customers through their website platform. “It was nowhere near what we needed it to be, and it wasn’t doing anything for our Global Plastic Supply customers,” says Digital Media Manager Blake Stoudt. “We had a need to balance two businesses with two separate business models in one system.”

“We knew we needed a CRM, but we found an insanely high cost associated with that. We weren’t ready to spend six digits a year.” When they began researching options, Pipeline CRM’ affordable price point peaked their interest. Once they saw the features – especially custom fields – and experienced the exceptional level of customer service, the decision was made.

Track Everything

“We’ve had a 100% increase in trackability,” says Stoudt. “We weren’t able to track anything before. Now we track every aspect of our performance. What’s working and what’s not working. Who’s working and who’s not working.”
With Pipeline CRM, StockPKG always knows exactly how much business is in their pipeline, how many deals are on each account, and which deadlines and milestones they need to hit. Managers also use it to track and improve individual sales rep productivity.
“Because of Pipeline CRM, we now know that our reps average 80 calls during a workday, roughly 10 an hour,” says Stoudt. “I’ve heard our managers at 10:30 saying, ‘you’ve only done 5 calls. What’s going on?’ Between that ability to stay on top of everyone’s activity and the efficiency of having everything we need in one application, Pipeline CRM has increased our overall productivity by at least 25-30%”
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Orlando, FL

B2B Commerce Industry

StockPKG sells over 40,000 packaging, shipping, and everyday supply items to business customers of all sizes, from home-based cookie companies to global brands. StockPKG works closely with their parent company, Global Plastic Supply, a multi-million dollar supplier, manufacturer, and custom print house. The two companies have shared a single Pipeline CRM account since 2014.


Last year, we welcomed around 200 new customers each month. Pipeline CRM has been essential to managing this rapid growth efficiently and keeping the customers we get. We've experienced a 25-30% increase in productivity since we started using the platform.

Grow Customer Value

StockPKG has seen rapid growth in new customers attracted by their low prices, but they know repeat orders are critical to their long-term success. The challenge is that customers re-order on widely varying schedules – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. With Pipeline CRM, StockPKG has been able to institute a simple, scalable process to overcome this challenge and maximize reorders.


Every new customer now receives a phone call shortly after their initial order to thank them for their business and find out how often they order supplies. Their preference is logged in Pipeline CRM, and reminder calls are scheduled as Tasks. Reps then receive notifications to make sure those reminder calls happen on time.


“We’ve seen a 10% growth in recurring customers in the last six months, so we know we’re doing something right,” says Stoudt.