Marketing Sales Alignment with ActiveDEMAND

Yes, sales and marketing teams can truly love each other! Well, it takes some groundwork. The secret is a successful alignment of a sales and marketing process. With that in place, a great working relationship could be just 

around the corner.

Getting to Marketing Sales Alignment

The reality is that marketing-sales alignment is a challenge for most businesses that are still feeling their way through the prospect journey and the entire buying process. The right software and ideal integrations can help make this pain

point go away.

Let’s start with marketing teams. They will always be challenged to see which efforts are working. There’s always room to test and improve. What all marketers need is a way to see the results, measure them, and manage leads in the most efficient way. The best leads get handed off to sales team at the right time. At that handoff point, we can look at sales teams. A happy sales team is getting those great leads, closing them and growing the sales pipeline for the company. Teams using sales CRM software can achieve “happy” status much faster and more effectively.

Software that Aligns

Sales teams work effectively with a CRM while growing marketing teams work well with marketing automation software. If you integrate a sales CRM you love, like Pipeline CRM, with integrated marketing automation software and you’ll be getting closer to marketing and sales alignment.


That’s where ActiveDEMAND comes in for Pipeline CRM users. ActiveDEMAND is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, integrated marketing platform that enables marketing teams to reach their goals. The platform features streamlined campaign management, campaign recipes, and attribution reporting.


ActiveDEMAND offers native integration with Pipeline CRM. Using both platforms together is the formula for supercharging your sales and marketing process and getting closer to that great relationship between your sales and marketing teams.


Here are three things SMBs can do with Pipeline CRM and ActiveDEMAND:

Automate deal stage progression

Control sales automation, email lists, and lead processing. Switch drip email campaigns based on deal stage or custom field changes or hold-ups, so you don’t miss an opportunity. Utilize autoresponders, web forms, surveys, templates, call tracking and more.

Configure ideal workflows

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Configure workflows to move prospects swiftly through the sales funnel. View every campaign email opened or clicked.

Make the connection

Track outbound calls with ActiveDEMAND and click to call your prospects from within PipelineDeals. Because the one thing that can’t be automated is the actual sales call.

More on the Buyer Journey

The buyer’s journey touches both your marketing and sales teams. Real-time integration between a Pipeline CRM and a marketing automation platform like ActiveDEMAND can be a true gamechanger for small and midsize business.

Marketing and sales can work closely together and provide the prospect with he/she needs in the buyer journey.


There are so many options for your sales and marketing team to check out. However, the struggle to have them “talk” to each other and communicate properly can be a headache. Instead of solving a pain point, you might be creating one.

Few systems can boast a similar seamless integration that exists between ActiveDEMAND’s marketing automation platform and Pipeline CRM.

How to Install Pipeline CRM’s ActiveDEMAND Integration Right Now

If you’re not already a Pipeline CRM user, you can be! Simply sign up for a 14-day free trial today. If you’d like a personalized walkthrough of Pipeline CRM first, schedule a Demo instead.


If you are already using Pipeline CRM, you can check out our ActiveDEMAND integration right here from our website’s ActiveDEMAND integrations page.

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