Building Your Sales Network

Leveraging LinkedIn

The first step in the process is using LinkedIn as a sales tool. In this day and age, you can use LinkedIn to build out your entire sales development strategy. You can do so by scouting and building connections, searching for target customers, and connecting with them.


A great way to do this is through LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Pulse. These tools give a great community forum environment to help reach new people and development through leadership.

Social Media and Blogs

Other forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging can also act as method for getting your product into the sales circuit. For example, if you want to take a stab at blogging, try writing a few posts about your product. Try creating content around the problems that potential customers are having and 

how to solve them.


Or, maybe you want to discuss any new features the consumer would want to know about, and tips on navigating the product? Whatever it is, just make sure to maintain an authoritative voice and prove to the customer that you are the expert.


You can also use your social media platforms to update your audience on your company. Try joining relevant groups on Facebook and posting questions and answers to queries that arise. This will help assert yourself as an influential voice in the industry. You may also try tweeting about your product, and retweeting customer success stories and testimonials.


Having a social presence is a great way to market your brand and expand your audience. Just make sure you stay consistent with the frequency of your posts, and don’t let that presence slip under the rug. A great way to go about this is through the use of Buffer, which is a tool that queues up posts to publish throughout the day for you.

Follow Up with Customers

You may have heard that the job really starts after you make the sale. This holds true, and you’ll want to set a timeline for following up after the deal is made.


Make sure to check in with the customer within the first two weeks, get feedback within the first two months, ask for a review within the first 90 days, and start discussing an annual renewal after the first six months.


Maintaining an active presence in the customer’s life is a surefire way to gain referrals and expand your future customer base.

Continue Expanding Your Network

No matter how successful you are at closing sales, always make sure to keep those connection receptors flowing. Continue branching out. You can do so by considering additional industry groups and associations. Try networking with different chambers of commerce, industry specific associations, local chapters of industry associations, at conferences, and at training events.


Just remember, the notion of expanding your network should constantly be on your radar. You are at the center of the universe you create. You walk away, and everything crumbles.


So, continue to cultivate those connections. It takes time, but with persistence, you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

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