how to build sales network

How to Build Strong Sales Network

how to build sales network

Building a strong sales network is crucial for businesses that want to expand their customer base and grow their revenue. This task is, however, can be challenging, requiring careful planning, strategy, and execution.


In this blog, we offer valuable insights and best practices to help you build a fruitful sales network from scratch. Our actionable advice will help you achieve your sales goals and drive business growth.

Leveraging LinkedIn

The first step in the process is using LinkedIn as a sales tool. To do so, you need to search for target customers and connect with them.


If you want to add them individually, write a short message when you send the invitation. A connection request with a short message feels more personal and is more likely to be accepted.


Another way to expand your network on LinkedIn is by joining LinkedIn Groups related to your business. Write a short introduction or reply to other people’s questions or posts. This way, you’ll get more exposure and connection with people who are in your targeted niche.

Social Media and Blogs

Other forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging can also act as methods for getting your product into the sales circuit. For example, for blogging, try creating content around the problems that potential customers are having and how to solve them.


Or, maybe you want to discuss any new features the consumer would want to know about, and tips on navigating the product? Whatever it is, just make sure to maintain an authoritative voice and prove to the customer that you are the expert.


You can also use your social media platforms to update your audience on your company. Try joining relevant groups on Facebook and posting questions and answers to queries that arise. This will help assert yourself as an influential voice in the industry. As for Twitter, you may want to try to tweet about your product, and retweet customer success stories and testimonials to promote your products even more.


Having a social presence is a great way to market your brand and expand your audience. Just make sure you stay consistent with the frequency of your posts, and the quality of your content.

Follow Up with Customers

You may have heard that the job really starts after you make the sale. 


Make sure to check in with the customer within the first two weeks after the deal is made. Here are three things that you should ask from them: feedback within the first two months and a review within the first 90 days. And after the first six months, contact them again to discuss an annual renewal.


Why should you do this? Maintaining an active presence in the customer’s life is a surefire way to gain referrals and expand your future customer base.

Continue Expanding Your Network

No matter how successful you are at closing sales, make sure to keep the connection channel open and continue branching out. You can do so by considering other relevant industries and other types of social media.


For example, try networking with different chambers of commerce, industry-specific associations, local chapters of industry associations, or joining conferences or training events. Continue to cultivate those connections. It takes time, but with persistence, you’ll be able to reap the benefits.


And once you have a new connection, don’t stop at adding it to your LinkedIn account, but make a new entry on your CRM. Add personalized details to the contact, such as their birthdays, job titles, preferences, budgets, specific problems, and more.


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