Best Practices in Lead Management for Contractors, Builders

Best Practices in Lead Management for Contractors

Best Practices in Lead Management for Contractors, Builders

Lead generation is the fuel contractors use to power their business. You could head one of the largest construction firms, but without a proper way to feed those leads to the fire, you’ll see them slipping through the cracks.

So, what are some best practices for generating, tracking, and eventually closing in on those deals? It all goes back to the idea of lead management.


Lead Management For Contractors

What is lead management? Lead management is the process of moving your leads from the top of the marketing funnel, to the bottom of the sales pipeline. It’s managing and tracking those leads and prospects throughout their course. There are four major components of this process, which include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Organization
  • Lead Nurture

And while this can be done through sticky notes and spreadsheets, without a reliable system in place, you’ll begin to see those leads and opportunities fall by the wayside.


This is where Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) come into play. CRM’s are fast becoming number one on the list for contractors to track and manage the sales activity flowing through their sales pipelines.


Here’s how features of a CRM can lend assistance in the lead management journey, helping you come out on top of more bids, and win jobs faster.

Engage with Prospects

Most CRM’s provide you with the features needed to assist with top of funnel lead generation and capture. The platform gives you the ability to record and store data on lead behavior such as which marketing channel they funneled in from. Over time, you’ll be able to track the channels that are performing well, and which ones you may need to drop.


For example, at PipelineDeals, our CRM integrates with Connect email features. It gives you the ability to send out email campaigns, and track who opens those emails. Getting proper insight on user behavior can give valuable understanding into which marketing campaigns to budget for.


And as far as gathering information on leads goes, most CRM’s allow you to import contacts and their personal information into one centralized location. From there, you’ll be able to assign members of your sales team to reach out to various prospects, and start building those relationships.

See all of our integrations here.

Manage Sales Workflows

CRM’s also make it easy to track and manage activity coming through your pipeline. Store information on your bids and estimates, as well as jobs that are in the works, all from one location.


Use reporting features to track and manage stages of the bidding process, as well as activities, tasks, and events associated with them. You’ll also be able to use tools to monitor progress over time. So, long gone are the days of manually trying to keep track of all your correspondences and pipeline growth.


And at PipelineCRM, we provide you with a sales dashboard that lives on your homepage, so you’ll be able to see where you are in the bidding process, and where you need to be to close that deal. It provides a real-time update on all your latest activities, all in location.


Follow Up and Continue Growing

The end goal of any lead management platform is to close deals with satisfied and confident customers. A CRM gives you a platform to track the progress of your bids and their closing rates.


At Pipeline CRM, we give you the ability to track deal stages and progress through our deal intelligence fields. This gives you a window into how your projects are progressing. So, if you see a potential job slipping through the cracks, you’ll be able to restart the nurturing process.

All in all, a Customer Relationship Management platform allows you to stay on top of your game by organizing your sales pipeline, essentially leading to more jobs.

If you want to learn how CRM’s like Pipeline CRM can be of benefit to your business, start a free trial with us today.

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