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G2 Customers and Pipeline CRM have an excellent opportunity to grow together. Take advantage of 50% off the first 3 months of savings on Pipeline CRM plans, or get started for free by following the link below.

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Pipeline CRM is a leader in Mid-Market Americas CRM on G2
Pipeline CRM is a leader in Enterprise CRM on G2
Pipeline CRM is a leader in Enterprise CRM on G2
Users love Pipeline CRM on G2

Offer for G2 Customers

G2 Offer Overview

Empower your sales team to generate predictable revenue with more automation and less time-sucking task work. Pipeline CRM is a modern CRM that grows with your business, effortlessly advancing leads from pipeline to deal to happy customer. Start a free trial today and take advantage of G2’s fantastic offer!

Save 50% on your first 3 months when you sign up with Pipeline CRM using code


Asked Questions

Pipeline CRM is built for sales teams in medium and enterprise businesses that need a modern CRM tool to help automate their sales process. Our satisfied customers represent many real economy and services sectors, including but not limited to: residential and commercial construction, contractors of all types, manufacturers and wholesalers, professional services, financial services, transportation and logistics.

Getting started is easy. Pipeline is a market leader in implementation and ease of set-up based on G2 reviews. Pipeline is known for excellent Customer Care! Have a question? Chat us and get a response in an average of 17 seconds.

Yes! Start your 14-day free trial here!

Yes! Discounted and Original Values promoted represent the Grow Plan billed on a monthly basis. Offer valid for all Pipeline CRM plans, whether billed annually or monthly.


Top features to help you
automate your sales process

Allow your sales team to focus on their most valuable tasks

Email Campaigns & Tracking

Track all your email messages, opens, clicks, and downloads automatically as activities in your account.

Custom Fields

Prioritize the customer details that are most important to your business. You can create up to 25 custom fields that will automatically appear on every deal page.

Easy Integrations

From Gmail to QuickBooks, Pipeline CRM offers popular integrations with email providers, marketing, and sales software

Sales Forecasting

When you understand past trends, you’ll be able to confidently forecast the salespeople on track to hit quota.

Track Commissions

Automate sales commissions to reduce cost and increase transparency for remote sales teams.

Custom Deal Stages

Choose the default titles for stages: Qualified Lead, Proposal, Contract, and Signed. Or you can customize these deal stage titles to suit your team’s sales language.

Unlimited Files Storage

We offer unlimited data storage for growing sales teams without any data caps. Feel free to store all your documents, images, and communication records without additional charges.

User Permissions

Assign permissions for your team members to set what they can see and do within the application.

Mobile App

Pipeline CRM mobile CRM for iOS and Android helps you stay on top of your sales while you’re out doing your job.

Loss Tracking Technology

new all deals list view p 500 2

Which deals are headed for the danger zone?

Get x-ray insights into why deals are going cold and at which stage with our Deal Intelligence fields. This powerful, customizable coaching tool flags the clogs and leaks so your team can rescue the deal BEFORE it’s too late. Like the bat signal —but more profitable.
new all deals list view p 500 2
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What stealthy shifts are impacting your pipeline over time?

Hindsight spotlights a summary of total changes and details each winning move. Track sales progress with lightning speed and steal back your time from all that tedious manual reporting and mind-numbing Excel spreadsheets.


Cut back on time sucking admin + related guesswork.

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Smart agenda intuitively builds a to-do list WHILE you go about your day. The result: A reliable lineup of only needle-moving sales activities waiting for you. Every. Single. Day. So you can do what you do best… admin sell.
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Email Performance Tracking & Templates

Don't let another deal fall through the cracks.

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Track open and click rates to gain insights on which emails yield the best results. Then turn them into shareable, plug-and-play templates and watch your marketing ROI soar.

Seamlessly Connect with the Software You Love.

Get ready for a seamless transition. From Gmail to QuickBooks, Pipeline CRM offers popular integrations with email providers, marketing, and sales software. So don’t think of a new CRM platform as changing your process, think of it as streamlining it. Save yourself more time and effort, and even discover a new app or two.
AI Email Assistant

AI Email Assistant

Rocket Your Email Writing with AI

We’re so excited to introduce Pipeline’s AI Email Assistant, powered by OpenAI, the technology behind ChatGPT. Now, you’re one click away from better emails instantly!

What our valued customers are saying


Marco Kristen

Marketing Director at TENMAT

Our sales went up 30% with the same amount of people and resources.


Kim Hicks

Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring

With Pipeline, we're closing deals much faster and communicating better.


Jeff Vaughn

Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

Our sales process is so streamlined that we increased productivity 100%.