Focus on Sales with the Industrial Supply Association and IMR 2.0

We’re in Chicago to support and sponsor the ISA’s IMR 2.0 Conference and the industry’s first sales process standard.


We announced exciting news with the ISA today. Our team is currently in Chicago as sponsors of the IMR 2.0 Business and Planning Conference. One of the hot topics being discussed is the industry’s first sales process standard — which is called IMR 2.0.


As an ISA Service Provider member, we have been involved with the co-development of the IMR 2.0 Platform for one year.


Here’s some background, the IMR 2.0 Platform helps ISA deliver on a forward-looking vision for independent manufacturing representatives (IMRs). The goal is to set them up for success with standards as the Channel evolves.

Pipeline CRM sponsors the IMR 2.0 Business and Planning Conference in Chicago.

Our sales pipeline enablement software fits in the picture in a few ways. We deliver on the IMR 2.0 vision by offering the sales pipeline enablement software tools that ISA members need. By offering IMRs a ready-to-go, out-of-the-box, solution preprogrammed with the needed attributes that position them to sell smarter and faster. The bottom line is that as IMRs go through 2.0 Certification they will need the right and proven sales pipeline tools to do it. Technology is key in this equation.


A few weeks ago we announced our new sales pipeline features called SuperShare and this is also part of the vision for Pipeline CRM users such as IMRs. For IMRs, SuperShare makes real-time collaboration with manufacturers simple.

Pipeline CRM and ISA Collaboration

We support the ISA and we were sponsors at the main ISA Convention which was held in Houston earlier this year. As an organization, ISA fosters relationships for distributors, independent manufacturing representatives (IMRs), suppliers and manufacturers in the maintenance, repair, operations, and production 

(MROP) supply industry.


Here, in Chicago, the IMR 2.0 Business and Planning Conference is focusing big on IMR 2.0 Platform. Behind the initiative is a strategic vision that sets up IMRs to adopt best practices to ensure manufacturers and IMRs work strategically together as the industry evolves rapidly to focus around the end-user.

Why IMR 2.0 – Accelerate Sales

Are you an IMR? Here’s why the IMR 2.0 Platform is ideal.

Pipeline CRM is easy to use featuring custom fields that matters to IMRs.

The Pipeline CRM sales enablement platform focuses on the metrics and data that help you move the needle and win deals. No over-engineering or unnecessary complicated features.

No engineers or complex IT needed.

What Features are Powering Platform 2.0?

Pipeline CRM is power-packed with simple, industry-ready features to help you close deals faster including:


SuperShare ™

As the IMR, you control SuperShare and with whom you share your data with. Save time when you communicate with your manufacturer principals. Gone are the days of preparing spreadsheets and long, messy email strings. Share and collaborate in real-time straight from Pipeline CRM.


Free Trial Customized for IMRs
ISA members can learn more about the IMR 2.0 Powered by Pipeline CRM initiative.

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