The Agile Sales Team

The Psychology of Selling

If you understand the psychology of selling you can improve your close rates and sell to prospects like never before. Here are our top tips to start selling smarter and faster by understanding the psychology of the buying process. The Google Example: Psychology of Selling There was a trend where offices in startups and software… Continue reading The Psychology of Selling

How to use a CRM to track leads

How CRM Software Is Improving Manufacturing Sales Pipelines

Business Card Scanning for Salespeople

3 Reasons: CRM in Transportation and Logistics

Customer Relationship Management should be a necessity in the transportation and logistics industries. Learn about why! Too often, using a CRM is an afterthought in transportation and logistics. Why? We’re talking about two industries that have yet to take a liking to modern technology. CRM in Transportation and Logistics No matter what industry, a CRM… Continue reading 3 Reasons: CRM in Transportation and Logistics

What is the Role of a CRM?

Raise your hand if your business: Maintains a public-facing website Offers products or services through that website Creates and initiates digital marketing campaigns Tracks digital marketing efforts — or at least aims to Collects customer data, such as names, emails and purchase history Stores customer data Handles customer service inquiries Generally wishes to work smarter… Continue reading What is the Role of a CRM?

CRM Builds Game Changing Relationships

What are the Types of CRM?

The CRM has become one of the most important tools that today’s businesses use, but there’s more than one kind of this customer-focused software. In this post, we’ll look at three common variations — operational, analytical and collaborative CRMs. First, though, let’s talk about some of the basics of CRMs. CRM stands for customer relationship… Continue reading What are the Types of CRM?

4 Reasons Commercial Lenders Need a CRM

Commercial lenders need a CRM for very big reasons. Here’s more about how they are remaining competitive and relevant while building game-changing relationships. Why Commercial Lenders Need a CRM The world of commercial lending is becoming more and more challenging thanks to shifts in regulations and dips in the market itself. That’s why it’s more… Continue reading 4 Reasons Commercial Lenders Need a CRM

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