Modern Automations – Ensure that your CRM is working for you!

CRM Automation Overview As the manager of a sales team, you’re constantly juggling competing priorities. You’re keeping track of the health of your sales Pipeline, ensuring your team is staying on track and following up on leads, and perhaps evening managing your own deals and opportunities. It’s imperative that you optimize your workflows to remove… Continue reading Modern Automations – Ensure that your CRM is working for you!

4 Signs you have the wrong CRM platform

The failure rate is 90%. “When I ask executives if the CRM system is helping their business to grow, the failure rate is closer to 90%.” Scott Edinger wrote about failure rates in his article for HBR. In his article, Edinger says most CRM platforms fail to deliver sales, revenue, or growth. That’s a problem.… Continue reading 4 Signs you have the wrong CRM platform

Batchbook, PipelineDeals and “Automagical” Migration

What is the Role of a CRM?

Raise your hand if your business: Maintains a public-facing website Offers products or services through that website Creates and initiates digital marketing campaigns Tracks digital marketing efforts — or at least aims to Collects customer data, such as names, emails and purchase history Stores customer data Handles customer service inquiries Generally wishes to work smarter… Continue reading What is the Role of a CRM?

CRM Builds Game Changing Relationships

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Sales pipelines give a visual representation of every deal in the buying journey, and for some businesses this could mean different sales pipelines are used for inbound vs outbound sales or for direct deals vs partner deals. With Multiple Sales Pipelines, you can accurately track multiple sales workflows for all of your different processes, products,… Continue reading Multiple Sales Pipelines

Close Deals Faster with SuperShare

Let’s face it. Today’s modern sales pipeline spans across companies and that’s why we’re excited to launch SuperShare. Our industry-leading feature helps you share important data so you can collaborate easier and close faster. Here’s how. Industry-Leading Sales Tool to Help You Collaborate With Anyone SuperShare is our latest tool in our sales toolbox to… Continue reading Close Deals Faster with SuperShare

See Your Pipeline From Every Angle with Performance Pulse

Your sales data can show you big wins, bottlenecks, coaching opportunities, and improvements. To find these insights, you need to be able to quickly look at your organization from multiple levels and assess performance towards your goals. ‍ Performance pulse gives you the ability to dive deep into your pipeline(s) with configurable visuals so you… Continue reading See Your Pipeline From Every Angle with Performance Pulse

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