How to Choose the Right CRM

The majority of customers expect personalization. Are you delivering? According to Twilio’s State of Personalization report, 85 percent of the businesses surveyed believe they’re offering personalized experiences to their customers.  Of course, they believe that; why wouldn’t they? How do customers feel about that?  Only 60 percent of customers agree that this is the case.… Continue reading How to Choose the Right CRM

Marketing Sales Alignment with ActiveDEMAND

What is CRM?

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Rainier Custom Homes shortened their sales cycle by 53%. It took 130 days (4.2 months), on average, for them to close a single deal. That all changed when they implemented CRM in their business. In a few short months, their average time-to-close decreased to 62 days. This had a huge positive impact on cash flow.… Continue reading What is CRM?

Grow Your Consulting Business Pipeline

You’ve started offering services in your field of expertise but now it’s time to build your consulting business pipeline. Your Consulting Business Pipeline Do you have a well-developed network? Are you self-directed? Do you have an impressive portfolio filled with client success stories? If you answered yes to all of those questions that’s exactly why… Continue reading Grow Your Consulting Business Pipeline

How to Build a Construction Marketing Plan

You know what it takes to build but now it’s the time to build something else — a construction marketing plan to help your business grow. Improve Sales: Construction Marketing Plan One of the most important to-dos in setting up your construction business for success is creating a great marketing plan. At the end of… Continue reading How to Build a Construction Marketing Plan